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Article: 5 Scandi terraces we love


5 Scandi terraces we love

Dreaming of a place to sit outside, enjoying Scandi living from dawn to dusk? Then you need a Scandi-style terrace. Often seen almost ‘wrapped around’ the house or cabin, one offers so much potential to create the perfect summer living space.

Here are a few of our favourite terrace ideas we wish we’d thought of (and if you love these… wait until you see the rest of these summery homes!).


1 The ‘sit where you fancy’ terrace

Creating different sections or ‘zones’ inside, might seem obvious, but the same can apply to your terrace too. We love the terrace of Sofie’s Swedish cottage, which has a sofa, build from palettes and big cushions, a dining area for relaxed mealtimes, through to a shady spot to retreat to when the sun gets a little too hot.

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Photography: Lina Östling/House of Pictures/Volume 6 Ssummer.

2 The shady alfresco dining table

Shelter from the shade – or sometimes rain – is a must, whether that’s a lovely sun shade or porch built out to make more of your terrace, allowing you to dine outside, whatever the weather. Who can imgaine sitting here on Tine's terrace from her Danish allotment home into the autumn months, wrapped up with blankets and the warm glow of candles?

Take a tour arounf the rest of Tine's home in our Vol 2 Summer Simply Scandi.

Photography: Tia Borgsmidt/House of Pictures/Volume 2 Summer.

3 The peace-and-quiet spot

In our Vol 10 Summer, we wrote about having a space to sit and just ‘be’. How about this hammock, hung from the trees at a quiet corner of Sofie’s Swedish cottage? Imagine moving from your bedroom to hammock, to wake up gently with the sun…

Enjoy the rest of Sofie's home in Vol 6 Summer Simply Scandi.

Photography: Lina Östling/House of Pictures/Volume 10 Summer.


4 The outdoor sofa area

Gather the gang together on this socialble sofa on the terrace of Cathrine's Swedish home, which is made for afternoons in the sun, thanks to its simply overhead canopy. Need extra seating, grab wicker and rattan chairs from indoors, dressing with sheepskins and cushions for extra comfort.

Don't miss the rest of Cathrine's house in Vol 6 Summer Simply Scandi.

Photography: Helene Toresdotter/House of Pictures/Volume 6 Summer.


5 The early-evening retreat

Can’t use your terrace during the week, unless you are WFM? Then make sure your plans allow your space to be utilised into the evenings too, with a heat source, such as a firepit (or at least a few blankets) and somewhere to kick bag and relax, while being close to the house to pop in and grab a drink when needed is a bonu, like Linda's home.

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Photography: Filippa Tredal/House of Pictures/Volume 5 Spring.