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Article: Small space special


Small space special

In our Vol 13 Simply Scandi Special, we show you how to think big while living small (something Scandinavians seem to do so well). We chat to Vasia Moragianni about her Copenhagen apartment, which is a lesson in small space ingenuity. She's taken just 60sq m and two rooms with a tiny kitchen and made a bedroom each for her and her son, plus an open-plan family space.

We asked Vasia to share the story of her small space.


Tell us about your project…

When I got divorced, I needed to downsize. It was more important for me to live in a smaller, more affordable home and be able to fund experiences for Emil and myself than have that large, expensive home. When I first walked in here, I got really good vibes. I could easily see us living here. By rethinking the layout of the two rooms, carving them up differently and creatively, I’ve made the same 60sq m work much harder. We’ve got a bedroom each, as well as a lovely bright family room, where we cook, eat and spend time together, as well as have guests over. While the renovation was exciting and a very creative process, it was tough living there with a small child amidst the chaos and dust!

What are your favourite buys?

With a small space, it’s about choosing smart. You need things that can be adjusted as required. You don’t eat at a big dining table every day if you are a small family, so one that extends is a great choice. My dining table and chairs are vintage, which I found on I also love my small curved sofa, which can be moved easily to my bedroom when we have guests over for dinner.


What would be your top tips for small-space living?

Spend time thinking about what you need and dream of having, without letting yourself be limited. Most of your wish list can be achieved with bespoke solutions, so seek professional help if needed, but remember that you are the only one who knows what you really want. I’m really pleased with the way my bed turned out – it gives me an extra room, which has so many options. And that’s important when you live small; you do need space around you so you don’t feel cramped.


Words: Milena Lindhardt Otto. Styling: Rikke Graff Juel. Photography: Christina Kayser O/Living Inside.