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Article: Style secrets – Vol 12 Winter cover


Style secrets – Vol 12 Winter cover

There was something so calm and simple about Fie Hetting’s Danish apartment when we saw the images at Simply Scandi HQ. The living room had such a “mood” that we felt it was perfect for our Vol 12 Winter cover.

“I always think our Winter issue has a tough gig, on sale alongside our beautiful Christmas Special each year, when people are thinking more about turkeys and wrapping paper than a moment’s peace with their favourite magazine. Yet each year, I have been proved wrong, with Winter issues always selling really well. Perhaps it is that search for a moment of Scandi tranquility that we all look for during November and December,” says Editor Jen.
And Fie’s home certainly delivers, with her eye for materials and textures. Here’s a few Scandi style secrets we love…

1. Fie’s delicate palette

Textiles and ceramics in soft shades create a wonderful contrast to the raw and unpolished surfaces in Fie’s home. Blush pink, sage green and sky blue combine with warm grey for a scheme that works in every room of her apartment. It’s a gorgeous Nordic combination that’s easy to bring into a neutral. “My home is not particularly colourful, but any colours that are there need to be just right,” shares Fie.


2. Her love of natural linen

Natural linen helps with the relaxed mood, contrasting with clean lines of the HAY sofa. Fie’s chosen a mix of plain and fringed/trimmed cushions, which add subtle texture. Similar linen cushions reappear in the nook between the kitchen and dining spaces, and again dressing the couple’s bed. Linen is also used for window treatments, with a grey linen sheer fabric, teamed with a heavier-weight linen in the living room, and a nautral cream used in the bedroom, diffusing the soft Nordic light.


3. That rich kitchen backdrop

When Fie and Jannik bought the apartment, the kitchen came with annoymous white unit fronts, which have been replaced with smoked oak ones, creating a much more dramatic space. This is balanced by Fie’s use of soft pastels and a crisp white worktop.The dining table is one of the few pieces from the couple’s previous home. It’s been painted in a colour Fie mixed herself, using Detale Cph paints.

4. Her modern paint effects

From furniture to walls, Fie’s been very creative with paint. In the bedroom, she’s gone for a coloured putty (Mist from Detale Cph) on the lower half of the walls, which works with the angular wall and window, rather than fighting against the room’s irregular shape. When the couple bought the apartment, it wasn’t quite finished, but it was too late to influence any of the material choices. So the pair had to think creatively, making any decor changes themselves once they’d moved in, to create the personal home they had dreamt of.


5. Fie’s creativity

With putty and paint in hand, Fie has gradually added life to the space, creating surfaces that emphasise the existing character of the apartment. Above the dining table hangs artwork by Fie, made during Covid lockdown using frames and canvases from Søstrene Grene. The coffee table (as seen on our cover) was made from MDF, which Fie painted with three coats of a blue-grey shade and finished with varnish.

Photography: ©Christina Kayser O/Living Inside.