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Article: Why we love the Scandi look

Why we love the Scandi look

Why we love the Scandi look

It seems we can't get enough of Scandi style – here at Simply Scandi, we've even built a whole brand around it. But what exactly do we mean by a Scandi look? Editor Jen shares her thoughts…

"We believe every home needs a touch of Scandi," says Jen, "and that can mean so many things, but a love of light, nature, natural materials and timeless finds are at the top of my list…"


1 It's simple

"Scandi style is pared-back and fuss-free," says Jen. "Yes, you can have lots of things you love around you, but it's a far cry from colour-drenched maximalism, or bold, statement schemes. This makes it incredibly appealing to a wide audience."

Photography: Tia Borgsmidt/House of Pictures/Vol 2 Summer.

2 You can find your own take

"Over the years, I've been to many press shows and whitnessed so many different incarcerations of Scandi over the seasons – from rustic to industrial, simple to folk, natural to texture-rich – that I can see why we are still talking of Scandi. It's not a trend, rather a look with longevity and one that you can really make your own," shares Jen. "Yes, you can keep it calm and neutral; yes, you can treat your home to that one Hans J Wegner chair; yes, you can have a patterned wallpaper… Scandi is not about a way a home looks, but how it feels, how it represents you."

Photography: Earthborn Paints.

3 The love of light

"Scandi style loves light – whether that's the warm glow of candlelight, the illumination of a designer pendant over your dining table, where the family gathers, or making the most of the natural light, especially during those darker winter months," says Jen.

Photography: Elä Life.

4 That strong connection to nature

"Scandinavians love the great outdoors, so when we talk of Scandi style we can see this love of natural materials, earthy colours, plants, flowers and biophilic design all featuring strongly," says Jen. "This love of the natural world helps boosts that calm Scandi feeling that we all love."

Photography: Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash.

5 Embracing simple pleasures

"When I look at Scandi homes (and trust me, I see a lot in my role – it's my favourite part of my job), the kitchen or dining table is such a key part. It's where families gather, sharing moments of hygge; where homework is done, and where Scandi styling vignettes are allowed to 'happen'. Often there's a collection of mis-matched chairs, from IKEA stables to Danish design icons, around the table, with a stylish pendant overhead," believes Jen.

Photography: Tia Borgsmidt/House of Pictures/Vol 14 Summer.

6 That love of preloved

"Scandi style loves things with a story to share; many a Scandinavian home features heirloom pieces, flea market finds and furniture left in the house by previous owners," tells Jen. "These are given space to be seen, and more importantly, loved again. This mix-and-match approach to old and new is something I can totally get on board with."

Photography: Wallpaper, Sandberg.

7 A paint-it-white approach

"Moving on from the warm wood tones found in mid-century Danish furniture and the orange pine used to clad walls and for flooring, today's Scandi look is more pale and interesting. Walls are white, flooring bleached and woods light. When a dated Scandi summerhouse moves to new owners, often the first that happens is a floor-to-ceiling whitewash, allowing the space to become that simple, blank canvas," says Jen.

Photography: Annie Sloan.

8 Time to talk texture

"Texture and Scandi style go hand-in-hand," says Jen. "Wicker, rattan, seagrass, bamboo, jute, wool, linen… the list goes on. Fill baskets with throws, line sofas with cushions, layer beds with blankets and cosy up wooden floors with rugs."

Photography: Layered Lounge.

9 The importance of the seasons

"Scandi style loves a change of season; after the long dark winters, when candlelight, snug throws and roaring fires, spring sees a burst of life, with pots of bulbs on windowsils and curtains or blinds pulled clear of windows. Summer sees outdoor living at it's most relaxed, while autumn sees the return of cosy," says Jen. "I love how we can capture the seasonal mood in Simply Scandi, with four quarterly issues a year."

Photography: Lena Polishko on Unsplash.

10 Scandi at Christmas

"I've always loved working on Christmas issues, so of course, we have a Simply Scandi Christmas Special," shares Jen. "Seeing how wreaths and Advent candles, stockings and tree traditions form such a big part of a Scandinavian Christmas is really special – and just like Scandi style, a Scandi Christmas can go in whichever direction you love."

Photography: Ulianna Kopanytsia on Unsplash.